Friday, October 21, 2016


Yesterday and today, I have been working on a couple of things...
One is a new mandala, made from a photo of autumn crocus and fall leaves (above)...
and the other is a new piece of jewelry made with PMC.

PMC (precious metal clay) is a product that when fired, becomes 99.9% fine silver...
which means it contains a higher amount of silver than even sterling silver.
It is durable, beautiful, and amazing.

For this pendant piece, I formed the clay into the shape of a tiny leaf from my yard, and then pressed a fern frond into it (also from my yard) to form the textured design on the front. I have added texture to the back of the piece as well, so that it's interesting on both sides. I have also intentionally "crinkled" it to mimic a leaf floating in the wind.

After firing, cleaning and polishing this piece, I then wire wrapped tiny REAL EMERALD faceted beads for a dangle on the front. Completing this is a textured sterling chain and magnetic clasp.

I am so in love with the work I am doing right now.
See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous.
Unfortunately, I have also had a migraine... which  made things a bit rough... and I spent quite a bit of it in bed. 
Today, however, things are easing up... and while it is currently rainy.... it is a much better day.

I am so excited, because this week I've been working on some new things in the studio;
and building on a dream I've had for the past 7yrs of working with metal clay. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Several months ago, I started a new "series" of posts... if you will...
And so on Wednesdays; I intend to post an old photograph to inspire your creativity. 
 Write a poem!  
Plot out a short story!     
 Have inspiration for a piece of art or composition.... let your artistic soul shine.        
(you can click on the photos in this post to make it larger to see).

What a wonderful photograph.
I would guess, that this little baby has recently learned to stand, and perhaps
is learning to walk... which is why the occasion that prompted the taking of this photo.
The carriage is awesome... and I love the little pinwheel.
Perhaps they have been to a parade or family gathering?
Perhaps it was even this little one's baptism? ... as she seems dressed in her finest.
Either way, it's a gorgeous photo.

What is your story?
Is this perhaps an heiress? Has she been kidnapped?
Is her nanny up to no-good?
You tell the story...

See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well, yesterday was "Maker Monday"... and things got away from me and I missed writing my post.
My sincerest apologies. Sleep has been rather a wayward friend these past few days, and I ended up napping most of yesterday, and then working into the wee hours.
That said... I thought I should post what I would have done yesterday, had I been a bit more coherent.

So, usually on my "maker Monday" posts, I feature something the daughter and I are working on, and encourage the maker lifestyle. This weekend, we worked on a couple projects that really needed done. One, was to cut down a couple of trees in our yard (we have 11 that need to come down, or are down)... and cut them up for firewood. the daughter has discovered the profound joy of working with power tools, and was doing her best frontierswoman impersonation in the yard with a small chainsaw we borrowed from a friend. 
I was using our little portable table saw, and decided to cut up "sticks" that I have been drying for the purpose of making more walking sticks and canes. I also had a nice chunk of cherry wood, and tried to work off a few bits for future use in jewelry making, along with some gorgeous lilac pieces I had. 
Surprisingly, some had a profoundly purple streak in them, that I think will be gorgeous in pendants.
And, the daughter was busy working in the garden. 
She has cleared most all of this year's plants to make way for a layer of mulch from our compost pile.
And, we are considering the construction of another large bed to house squash next summer, as they simply took over the one bed this year.
She's also been busy harvesting herb seeds for next year, and she gathered a bunch of little scallions that will be wonderful in soup.

AND, today we (finally) had new steps built for our front deck. It is the main entry to our house, and the steps have been bad since we moved into the house. It will be nice to not have to grip the railing for dear life every time we go up and down.

I am sure these seem like "little things"... but I am reminded of the wisdom of my elders, who reinforced the idea to keep working on the (seemingly) little tasks... that they eventually add up.

Hang in there... keep creating... and I will see you all tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

for the weekend

Today went by really quickly, and I spent most all of it either editing photos or listing descriptions of the same items I was editing photos for, to sell. In between of course, floors were swept, food fixed, dogs walked, dishes taken care of, phone calls made... in other words... a normal day. But it still seemed really busy to  me. And here it is, later in the evening, and I am just now getting to my weekend blog post. 
It was gorgeous out today though. Time was also spent clearing out the garden a bit, and the daughter was excited to be gathering seeds from, and drying some of the herbs for use over the winter.
The rest of the weekend, I hope, will be a mix of resting, reading, watching a movie or two, and making some jewelry.
But before I go, here are some links I've gathered to share with you all:

* about Bob Dylan's many influences
* artist Sarah Sitkin
* In Focus: Photography
* artist Kiki Smith

See you all on Monday.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Remember the post where I had discovered more fiction books and was lamenting how to get through them all? 
Well, I've finished 5 more... which brings my current total to 13 books out of the 82 or so that I have read.

This week, I went through the following:
*  Tulipomania by Mike Dash- I love flowers. But, this was a long and VERY thorough history of tulips. To be honest, I was bored.
*  Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald - I didn't read the whole book (It's huge). But I did read several of the stories, including: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which frankly, I didn't realize he had written) and The Lost Decade (about a man who goes on a bender for 10 yrs and comes back to society). Eh. I didn't realize how "iconic" F. Scott and his wife Zelda were to the whole 20s time frame. But I can see where the couple typifies a certain part of that culture, and I give him credit for writing about what he knew.... I'm just not convinced that I relate to it, or like it.
*  Life of Pi by Yann Martel -- beautifully written, but I must say, I liked the movie just as well.

*  --and I skimmed 2 books by Lama Surya Das, Awakening to the Sacred and Awakening the Buddha Within. To be honest, they were much more "technical" and wordy than I anticipated them being, and although I had looked forward to reading them, I just couldn't do it. They reminded me too much of college textbooks to be enjoyable.

So... I still have about 70 books in the stacks to go through.... 
and will do another post when I get a few done.
See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Today has been an odd mix of emotions.
Anxious about work I want to be doing... need to be doing...feeling behind all the time...
Exhausted and worn out... both emotionally and physically. 
Seems like there is just so much going on.
Reflective... going through memorabilia and such in the basement/ studio...
Grateful... for my hubby and daughter who do so very much for me... 
Happy... looking at the fall leaves in the yard... 
and enjoying the brief spots of sunshine this afternoon....

---so here are just some photos I took this afternoon.
See you all tomorrow.