Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Sorry for my absence here... but let's see if I can catch this up.
Friday afternoon, my mom had an emotional crisis; and I believe, had a TIA. She refused to go to the hospital, and came to my home for a "sleep-over" to try to get her calmed down and a bit more settled. Things.... evolved.
Over the course of the weekend, it became quite apparent that she needed more help than she was willing to admit. And while my husband, daughter and I were checking in with her multiple times a day (with increasing frequency over the past year)... and she was coming to eat dinner nightly with us... it just wasn't enough.
We are now in the process of clearing out my daughter's bedroom, and hope to paint, decorate, and furnish it for my mom. Kristin, has been exploring all kinds of alternative living arrangements within our (980+ square foot, 2 bedroom home)... and we think we might have a really good option coming in the near future. For now, things are a bit crazy, but we are all together... we are warm, fed, and sheltered.

In the meantime, we've been trying to get some semblance of a routine started... and have been occupying her thoughts with lots of vintage movies and music that she loves. Yesterday, an enormous tree collapsed and took out a couple transformers and power lines in our neighborhood; causing the power to be out all afternoon and into the evening. So... we had a fire in the fireplace (mom was cold), candles all over... and I played her a movie on my laptop while she snuggled our pup ZeeZe (who has fallen in love with my mom and often curls up at her feet). Meals have been simple, but nutritious... and she has been sleeping and eating better than she probably has in a long while. There are lots of things to figure out... but because I work from home, this seemed the best solution, as I can be with her all the time.
And... tomorrow is Thanksgiving. 

I have no idea how this will all pan out. That said, when I promised my dad back in 2010 that I would take care of mom; I meant it. Moving back here to PA in 2013 (and only a block from my mom's house) was a major shift in that care... and now we've another huge shift. 
Much love to you all, and I will try to post tomorrow.

Friday, November 17, 2017


so... it's been a few weeks of not sleeping... the flare is real, folks.
but on the other hand, the house is (relatively) picked up... and I've read a bunch of books.
For today's post, I thought I would share with you some of the books I've finished up recently:

O Pioneers - by Willa Cather: No one writes descriptions like Willa Cather. Hard at times to get through though.
Being Mortal - by Atul Gawande: should be essential reading for everyone
From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty: very interesting, and I really like her writing style
Forensic Nurse - by Serita Stevens: Not bad, not good.. and it had such great potential.
Stiff - by Mary Roach: funny and awesome. I read it years ago... and skimmed it again.

currently reading: 
*Coroner's Journal - by Louis Cataldie: this one looks really good.
*Unnatural Death: Confessions of a Medical Examiner - by Michael Baden: celebrities? Oh my...
*In Cold Blood - by Truman Capote: have always wanted to read it, but thought it would be too creepy. We'll see...

...and then I have some more "happy" books on my bedside table... but I will talk about those in another post sometime after I have finished them. I think it was the upcoming holidays of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos that got me started on a death themed bunch of books.... but that said; I think that in general, we don't talk enough about death, it's impact on us and our families... and how we choose to exit this world. I think as a society, we are getting better about it... but (sadly) lots of folks never have those conversations... and that needs changed.
See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


sleep has been elusive... and the flare is in full force.
Thankfully, I have wonderful family... and a fabulous snuggle-buddy.
If you don't hear from me... I am in hibernation mode.
See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Back in June 2016, I started a new "series" of posts... if you will... 
 And so on Wednesdays; I've been posting an old photograph to inspire your creativity.
Write a poem!   
 Plot out a short story.
 Have inspiration for a piece of art or composition.... let your artistic soul shine.
--and occasionally I write my own sordid story or poem. 
 (you can click on the photos in this post to make it larger to see).


This is Woodrow Wilson Webber (known as "Woodie" to his friends).
He was named after the president, in hopes that it would give him strength of character and leadership skills. Woodie was strong alright... and folks considered him a character, but probably not in the same context his parents had hoped. He was smart, and had a sharp whit... but most folks, thought Woodie was a little "touched."
It had started innocently enough. Woodie was a simple guy, and he loved hunting, fishing, and being in the woods. It was on such a hunting expedition (he was looking for ducks)... that he came upon what he thought was a plane crash deep in the swamps outside of town. Upon closer inspection though, he realized that this was not a typical plane. Fact is, he'd never seen anything like it before... as he circled around its' humming lights and concave shape. Then he saw a rustling in the grasses.
What he saw, he could only describe to townsfolk as "alien"... not that they believed him anyway.
Big eyes, long limbs, waxy "skin" that defied color attribution.
He helped the being up... took him to the ship... and moments later... it was all over.
It was gone... in a flash. No trails in the sky... no marks left in the dirt.
Had he dreamed it? No.. it seemed too real.
And then, there were the burn marks on his hands from helping the being... what was that about?
Oh... they healed alright... but the effect they had on Woodie wouldn't go away.
He was determined to learn about these beings. He read every book in the library.
He talked to everyone he could. But most folks would just shake their heads and walk away.
He started a chapter of like-minded individuals. They went to conferences... they studied other "supposed" landing sites.
Eventually, he moved to the southwest USA, to further his insatiable desire to learn more...
Truth be told, no one really knows what happened to Woodie.
Some folks assume he died, some folks think he moved on to somewhere else... Machu Picchu maybe?
Other believed he simply "went home" with his waxy skinned friends.
That he was somewhere "out there" protecting them with his trusty 22 gauge and his cowboy whit...
 a sort of Cowboy for the stars...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Because I am not feeling very well today... I am just posting some photos.
These were taken many years ago, when we lived in Albuquerque, NM... and were colored lights that were featured 
(along with artwork) in an underpass near the train station downtown. I always really liked them.
See you all tomorrow.

Monday, November 13, 2017


I try not to complain... but today is rough. 
That said... I am so grateful. Bills are paid for the month, the house is warm and dry... 
we have food... a wonderful puppy... music on the computer, and books to read.
Hope you are all doing well on this November Monday afternoon.
See you all tomorrow.

(photo is one I took in Tuscon several years ago, but never edited until today)