Saturday, December 27, 2008

So-- the day after ...

It’s been an interesting holiday season.
The dishwasher died.
The furnace in our house coughed, sputtered and died.
My son wrecked the NEW car.. eash
Fortunatley, no one has been hurt in all of this. It’s just money problems.. which I know everyone has… especially at this time of year. It’s just frustrating ya know ?
So — we ended up having a SMALL christmas. We got a tiny little 2 foot tall tree. It is in a pot; and we will be able to plant it in the spring. We each got one gift. We stayed home; I made dinner; and we had a fire in the fireplace. We watched old movies. It was awesome. I am thinking this is going to be our new TRADITION. Keep it simple; keep it nice.
And I got to watch the Rockettes on TV. I remember when I was very little; my mom would insist on watching any special shows that featured the Rockettes. When we finally got to go to NYC in 1973; it was a priority on her TO DO list. It was worth it. They are amazing.