Thursday, January 15, 2009

GEDs, ACTs and the luxury of a handmade scarf

-----------------------------------photo and scarves by Elaine Russell

Today was kinda crazy. My son is trying to graduate from high school early ( we homeschool )... so that he can start college classes NOW. He has been very eager to get out into the world, and I am trying to help all I can. So today, we went to CNM to see about registration. He needs to supplement his homeschool diploma with either a GED or ACT test.. which he hopes to take ASAP. Then he can register on-line and see what is out there for him !

In other news --- I have been neglecting my Etsy store for awhile now, and it's time to kick it in gear. One of the things that I enjoy making are simple scarves. Nothing too fancy, just warm and soft. Today I was able to list some.. so feel free to check them out in my Etsy store. And at $12-15... a good deal for a good handmade scarf.