Thursday, January 8, 2009

BMG, La Casa, and the NM Gypsy Queens

-----------------------------------------photo by Elaine Russell
Today was kinda weird. I've been sick, and so much has gone on in the past month.. that it's been a very emotional time. I feel like I am just beginning to get a grip on it all.
So -- today I was very emotionally and physically exhausted.

On a plus note.. I have just rented out a space to use as a studio. I have always worked out of my house/ garage... so it will be rather strange to have everything in a studio space to work in.
I think it will be good.

I have also signed up to be part of the Grand Opening show at Black Market Goods (NOW at the formerly STOVE gallery site in ABQ)( I know what I want to take; it's a matter of getting things printed up and ready to hang.

And -- I am going to be donating some art pieces to The New Mexico Gypsy Queens ( They are working on a fundraiser to benefit LA CASA (, a NM Charity organization. Woot !