Monday, January 19, 2009

mondays suck majorly

------------------------------------------photo by Elaine Russell

Photo of screaming BATBOY-- on the cover of one of my favorite books to browse through.
Mondays suck. In fact, they seem to suck worse than any other day of the week. I am not sure if it's simply because it's after a potentially fun weekend.. in which case, you'd think the fun would carry you through until at least wednesday...
My son has a problem with depression. It's only been for a few months, but some days it feels like an eternity. I try to talk to him, and usually all I get are shoulder shrugs and non-verbals. Or dirty looks for even daring to ask "how are you doing?"
When he was little, he adored bats. And so.. the pic reminds me of him when he was happier... and constantly goofing around. I hope he feels better soon.