Sunday, January 4, 2009

new beginnings

-------------- ---------------------------------photo by Elaine Russell

After much introspection and with a heavy heart, I have decided to leave the Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space. It is my fervent hope that they will continue to be a shining light in ABQ for all kinds of art, and I wish them the very very best.
Sometimes; it is just time to move on. I believe in the concept and ideals that were the initial spark of what is now such a fantastic gallery. Having been involved in the process since its inception, it is very hard to let go of something that has been so close to my heart. It has been a ton of work, but it has all been worth it in the end to be able to see something that started out as a dream, and see it blossom and become a stunningly active place that embraces all forms and spectrums of the art community.
I also know without a doubt that it is possible to bring such dreams to life.. and that is an encouragement to us all.
The last show was fantastic.. and it was wonderful that such a great artist, Ren Adams, was selected as the featured artist. As one of the creators of the Wooden Cow, she is an inspiration to us all that alot of work, and some very cool ideals can indeed become a reality.

New year... new ventures... constant inspiration.... This is going to be an interesting year.