Friday, January 9, 2009


------------------------------------------------photo by Elaine Russell

My neighbor's little dog keeps getting out of his yard. He's a very cute little guy.. but restless. Today he was trying to chase after the garbage truck, and most certainly would have gotten lost or hurt. I grabbed him, he urinated on me. I took him home and patched the fence where he got out.
Sometimes I wonder how God/ the Almighty/whatever name you choose....feels when He tries to save us from a more dangerous fate, and we pee on him. We are restless beings.. too focused on what we want; and not necessarly what is in our best interests.
So -- today -- I am trying to listen more closely to what would be in my best interests...what is the best course of action from this point on ? What would the Almighty choose to direct me towards if I just listened more carefully ?
Time for some reflection.....