Tuesday, February 17, 2009


---------------------------------------photo by Elaine A. Russell
Sometimes I feel like I am sooo busy -- and I wonder what I have been doing. Today I ran a bunch of errands (Walgreens, Bank, Post Office, birdseed store, etc)...but if you asked me what I had to show for it all.. I would be hard pressed for proof.

I am in the process of going thru our CD collection. It occurred to me that we have all these CDs, and maybe only really love one or two songs on each one. So... after I go thru each CD, my fabulous daughter burns that one or two songs onto a CD for me to keep. Thus, unloading tons of CDs.. as well as building a collection of songs I like.. and maybe I will be able to sell the cds. Oooooh -- cash ! It's a good thing.

Right now I am working on the "jazz" section... Norah Jones, David Sanborn, Lisa Stansfiled, Diana Krall, Renee Olstead, Candy Dulfer, David Benoit, and Billie Holiday were amongst the selections tonight..... yah, baby.....