Monday, March 2, 2009

beware the food that could bite you back

----------------------------------photos by Elaine A. Russell

ok. So I have been on a qwest to try out all the little cafe's down near UNM. We went to a nice little Japanese restaurant (Mirai--Light and Healthy Japanese Cuisine) yesterday, and tried a Bento Box, oyakodan, a shot of Saki and some jasmine tea. ( total cost $20 )

Overall, I have decided that I like sushi better when it is without seaweed wraps in it. I didn't like the soup that came with the Oyakodan. The Bento box was good, as was the Oyakodan. I love Jasmine tea. Our hostess was really nice. And while the company was pleasant, et all, I am not sure it would be someplace I would go again. I'm not sure if I am just not fond of Japanese food.. or that food in particular.

So -- then we come home, and our neighbor has brought us a gift for watching their stuff while they went to Florida. A chocolate crocodile with orange flavoring inside. YUM.... but what is it with chocolate that could bite you back ?

And today.. I am making some Nissan Noodle bowls... get almost done with the soup.. and realize I have a closed packet still on the bottom of my bowl. I discovered this only as I was about to choke on said packet. Wow. My daughter thinks I'm special.

So--- if you dare to eat today -- be careful. You never know.... he he he