Wednesday, March 11, 2009

getting it together ...

----photo of ganesha statue with digital effects by Elaine A. Russell

So -- it's been 2 months (roughly) since I left the gallery group I belonged to. On one hand, it probably doesn't seem like I've accomplished much. I'm not selling at a "brick and mortar" venue and making a steady income --- but I am also not working 40hours a month at a non-paying job.

I have opened 2 additional Etsy stores in order to organize my items to serve the customers on Etsy better ( I now have a jewelry and prayer beads shop, a store for just artwork and photography, and a store that has all my destash, vintage items, handmade scarves and baby blankets -- see new links).
I was in the Black Market Goods Grand Opening show, and have donated art pieces to charity.
I will be at the 2nd Annual Bolo Tie Show on Friday.
I am concentrating now on building up my portfolio and resume, as well as starting a website.

More importantly, I have spent more quality time with my family; and have almost finished clearing out my house and garage of extra "stuff."

I have also (finally) figured out my true artistic passions in life... and can now concentrate on being the best I can be at them. This narrowed focus is a gift... and a joy.

As a bonus: my son has graduated from (home school) High school.. and has enrolled in college.. and my daughter is able to concentrate on her artistic passions at our new studio space !

All in all -- although it's been a somewhat chaotic and confusing time, it has also been one of enlightenment and un-loadment (if that is a word).
Woot !