Friday, August 21, 2009

the evolution of a photograph

photos by Elaine A. Russell

I've been thinking alot about photography in general. There is the tendency to think that anyone with a camera can be a professional photographer. And while I think that everyone has a unique point of view that can be expressed in photographs.. and while I think that today's digital wonders certainly make it more accessible for people to take stunning photos... I don't think that everyone on this planet is innately a professional photographer.

I've been selling my photographs since 1986. I don't think that I am a proficient photographer. I am constantly learning... tweaking....perfecting my craft. It's not even close to where I want to be yet. And I think that is OK. It's a process. I think the minute that a photographer becomes satisfied with their work... then they are done. The minute you think.. well .. that one couldn't be any better.. you're through.

I do think that to be a good photographer.. there are certain things that you have to be skilled at. It has to be a fairly good photograph to begin with. Interesting. Technically good. But it also has to have a feeling. An emotion that needs conveyed. A perspective that is uniquely yours.

The photo set above kinda tells what I mean. The first shot is the original.. shot near Bushland, Texas. Technically good.. clear.. in focus....the subject is the main focus of the shot.. no distractions. The lighting, aperture, exposure and such are correct for the daylight travel shot that it was.

The second shot... is the original tweaked with saturation to bring out the colors, and a "glow" filter to make it look all dreamy. This is a shot that I would suspect that daydreams are made of.
The 3rd shot is possibly my favorite of the 3. I have used a unique process/ filters to make it look a little old.. a little worn... a little bedraggled so to speak. A little darker.. a little edgier.

The possibilities are only limited by your unique vision and what you want to convey to those who see it.