Wednesday, August 26, 2009

whew !

photo by Elaine A. Russell

I left the house around 9am.. and got home around 9pm. Some days are like that.
Lots of errands today....but it was a good day overall.

I got my SmartCar checked, lubed, etc. That was pretty cool. Talked to one of the employees about the possibility of me writing an article on my trip cross country in the SmartCar... which would be awesome. Got the car cleaned.. mostly... from the dog hair on my trip :)

Had lunch with the hubby at El Patio (green chili and chicken stuffed sopapillas)... really, really good food.

Talked with the folks at Masks Y Mas who are printing some photos for me... such great people.
Awesome selection of stuff.. and you have got to see the new artwork by Brandon Maldonado in their gallery !!!

Went to a psychic !! and got a reading.... ewwwwwwwww... more on that some other time.

Got a small fresh squeezed orange juice to revive me, and some warm tortillas to take home ...from the Frontier Restaurant .....YUM.

Visited this art place... fantastic... you gotta see !

Got postcards to pass around town of the next art show I am participating in .... the "9x9x9 Show" to be held at the Factory on 5th on September 9th. See postcard below ! I am very excited about the show. I got to see a sneak preview of some of my friend Leau Phillip's pieces.... She is awesome. See her link in my "blogs I like" section to the right. .. and this blog on the show itself....

Visited a couple friends for a little bit.... and got puppy kisses from their baby :)

Got some awesome food from Yasmine's Cafe for my daughter who was dying for some hummus and gyros.... ... and (of course) the Baklava is to die for.

Then home .. paid bills, etc... and now... well.... here we are.

More fun, exciting, breathtaking news... tomorrow .. he he.