Tuesday, September 29, 2009

break... or is it brake

photos by Elaine A. Russell

taking a break. The past few days have been loaded with stress, testing, preps for testing and doctor's appointments. I am fine. But it has surely hit home that I need to consciously take time to take care of myself. I think that I have been increasingly mindful of this over the past 12yrs or so since I had cancer surgery, and the 17yrs since being diagnosed with SLE. ....And the testing these past few days has proven that I am on the right track to better health. In fact, in many ways, I am healthier today than I was 17yrs ago.
Fatter.. surely. Older, definately. Menopausal... yah. But healthier... and certainly less stressed *excluding the past couple of days. And now for a cup of coffee......