Saturday, September 12, 2009

a brief lull

photo by Elaine A. Russell ( shadow of my drink at Starbuck's ... as it reflected on the overstuffed chair next to me )

It is a very brief lull between shows.
I learned alot from doing the 9x9 show...and it was fun. I learned what kind of people gravitate towards my art/ photography... what they like about it... what it is about my photography that inspires people.
I learned that what I have to offer the world with my photography is valuable, and is appreciated.

Today is a nice, but short break. I slept in this morning, and am doing some last minute work on some art pieces. Tonight the hubby and I are having dinner with friends. It is all good.

Tomorrow, is a little bit of madness again. I am showing at the Offcenter Arts show, entitled "We Art the People." It is held in Robinson Park, off of Central Ave and 8th. Show opens around 10am, and is an all-day event with a parade, individual shows, music, etc.
Please come by if you get the opportunity. There are over 100 vendors at this show... something for everyone !

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