Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another busy day

photo taken by Elaine A. Russell at the We Art the People Show

In the past 48hrs, I have sold almost all my camera equipment. Now, before you all despair.. there is a method to my madness. It was on it's last leg... and the lenses were not good. With the proceeds from selling my stuff, I hope to get a very affordable ($100 range) digital camera. Not the best of equipment I know. Especially for professional shoots. However... if I am worth my grain as a photographer at all ... I should still be able to take reasonably good shots no matter the camera... right ?
I am viewing it as a challenge. Sort of .. a poor man's answer to the on-going debate: is it the camera or the photographer ? !!

AND -- I am finally taking the plunge and taking jewelry fabrication classes/ metal-working/ soldering... etc. I have been making jewelry for over 15yrs.. and this is the next logical step to becoming the jewelry artist that I hope to be someday.

So -- bring it on :)