Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the GO Arts Festival

on Gold Ave...

Court Lurie Fine Art

Ping Irvin

Kevin Eslinger

St. Clair Winery

*all photos by Elaine A. Russell

this past weekend there was sooooooooooo much we could have done. It was the last weekend of the State Fair, the Go Arts Festival was going on downtown, Globalquerque! was at the Hispanic Cultural Center on Saturday, and the Aki Matsuri (Japanese Fall Festival) was on Sunday.....

In the end, we decided to go to the Go Arts Festival, because we had never been before. It was in the heart of downtown... off of Gold Ave. About 150 artists from all over New Mexico... and a few from Texas, Arizona, and Colorado... set up camp and basked in all the best that is NM. The weather was perfect, the music was great... and there was wine from St. Clair !

Strolling around, I was overwhelmed with all the great art. Everything from paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, glasswork, jewelry, leather arts, metal lamps, furniture, marbles and more !

As a bonus: I got the chance to meet Brandon Maldonado... one of my fav painters. He did the murals for Masks Y Mas on Central, and has published a book that I just adore. He has been featured on the cover of the Alibi... and several other publications. Total coolness.