Friday, September 25, 2009

having fun

photo by Elaine A. Russell

Yesterday I bought a Kodak digital camera for about $150 ( camera--on sale, extra memory card, camera case ) at my local STAPLES store. I usually prefer anything NIKON, but I chose the Kodak EasyShare camera/ model Z1485 IS, because of it's many features, 14 megapixel capabilities, and the fact that I already own the printer dock to print ACEO size prints from.
It is a pretty darn cool little camera.
(new nickname *Koda -- and he's blue)

Yesterday on our "date" -- the hubby and I went to the NM State Fair. I took about 400 pictures. Yes, really. It was awesome. Now... for all I know.. most of the pictures are crap. They look OK in the LCD display on the back of the camera...but my battery died (after 6-7hours of constant use)... so I can't upload them to my laptop til I can get a new battery :(

That said however, it is an incredibly fun camera to use. It has a 5x zoom lens, with a range from you can get those landscape shots as well as fairly close portraits. The manual only has about 20 pages of user information... but they provide a link on-line for additional info:
One of the problems I found... was that the manual didn't explain all the extra SCENE modes you can have the camera program in for you... night portraits, night landscapes, etc. So... it was very lucky that I ran into a person at the fair who showed me where these features were on my camera (she has a similar camera). And off I went to try some nighttime shots of the fair.
I also ran into some friends from our local FlickR photo group... and I'm sure I raised some eyebrows and a few chuckles.. as I stood with them, chatting and taking photos... with my little point and shoot :)

Tomorrow... I will (hopefully) have shots from the fair, and more on what we did and what we saw there :)

Today's photo is from the other night, using the free Polaroid and free film. Because of the age of the film, there is a serious color cast to it. So... I scanned the original Polaroid photo into my computer, and converted it to B&W. I then added a dark purple tint, and added a little contrast. The program I used on-line is a free program called Picnik: