Tuesday, September 1, 2009


photos by Elaine A. Russell

Today was fun. I went downtown early today after I drove my daughter to CNM for her morning classes. I found what I thought was the main/only library to return a book that I had borrowed from a friend. Turns out... it was the main library (on Copper and 5th)....but did you know that the library system here in ABQ has 17 branches to visit ? Holy crap. It took me only about 5 minutes and the filling out of one form to get a library card... and I was off and running. Ended up getting seasons 2-5 of "Six Feet Under" on dvd to watch... now I just need to find Season One .. hopefully on Netflix -- this week. Coolness. I also found 2 great books on photography... and a CD by Joan Osborne and one by the Chieftains. Awesome sauce.
You can check out more about the ABQ Library system here: http://www.cabq.gov/library/

From there... I drove around a bit near Walter and Edith streets... looking at the fabulous Victorian homes.

Then I went to "Daily Grind." When my hubby and moved here in 95, I remember seeing this place ( it was a photo shop then) and I loved the architecture. So.. I decided to stop. Turns out.. it is one of ABQ's best kept secrets. This place has it all. Great food (coffee and the breakfast special --- which was an omelet and home fries, fresh watermelon, and a bagel with cream cheese ). I had the options of sitting inside the cafe itself, the front room ( looks like it used to be a sun porch ), out front along Central Ave and watch the traffic.. or ...the side/back patio. What -- you say -- a side patio ? Yes. And it was rather like wandering down the proverbial rabbit hole. Through this little side alley way.. past walls of art and little tables... you come to a hidden patio and garden area. Trees... birds... studio apts way out back... what looks like a couple shops... etc. Fantastic. Nice and private.. secluded... yet in the heart of downtown. It was enchanting. I spoke with the owners, who were kind enough to show me the remnants of a really old mural on the south-facing wall... very cool. Apparently, the Daily Grind has been in this location for the past 3yrs. http://albuquerque.citysearch.com/profile/6941921/albuquerque_nm/daily_grind.html

After picking up my daughter from classes, we went back again... so that I could show her the place. This time I got to enjoy their fresh brewed iced tea... and tried to cool off from the massive heat wave this afternoon.

Next, took my daughter to the main library so that she could get a card... and a couple hours later... we emerged with even more greatness. ....cue the cool Rasta music cd she found.....
After dinner (stuff from Nothin But Noodles ! )... we traveled across the city to the foothills of the Sandias to get an older Polaroid camera from a fellow Freecycler (http://www.freecycle.org/ ). Luckily, it came with some rather outdated... yellow cast... but very cool film... and she got an interesting shot.

Such fun. Great day. Awesome. You just never know what to expect.. and I don't think I would want it any other way... at least.. not today :)