Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's late ... I know

photo by Elaine A. Russell

It's late. Later than I usually post... ah well. I am tired. This is a crazy busy month for me.

As you know, I am in 3 shows this month... much more hectic than I usually schedule things.
Today all the artists participating in the 9x9 show came to the Factory on 5th to hang their art. It was great to see everyone's pieces... there are some really nice ones.... and I think the people who come to the show will be pleased.
>>hint hint<< --come out if you can.... ( Wednesday thru Friday, 6-9pm each night ).

Because I am trying to get back on track health wise... I also have at least one.. usually 2.. doctors appts each week for the next couple of months. eesh. Starting tomorrow.
This is going to be logistically tricky, as both of the kids are going to community college.... have classes at different times, and I will need the car as well for my appts....and the 3 of us basically share a car.

So -- for tonight... I am trying to rest and be calm.
The photo above is one I took at the base of the Sandias, near the Tramway... overlooking the city. I don't have a ton of experience taking nighttime shots.. so I have been trying to take more lately. This one, I intentionally did more on the dark side... more dreamy... more "just woke up and it's 3am... kind of look to them.....