Thursday, September 10, 2009

ok ok ok

collage of my entries in the 9x9 show, photos on canvas
by Elaine A. Russell

ok... So yesterday's blog was a bit silly. Sometimes I flop. Actually, alot of times I flop. And I think that's OK. Life is one big learning experience sometimes.

Last night was the first night of 3 showings of the 9x9 show... and it was good. There were quite a few people who came. And there were alot of pleasant reviews of the work. Several of the artists have already sold pieces... so if you are interested.. you'd better come quick.

I got to meet and chat with several really cool people.... some art students who really liked my work... and I got to meet Leighanna Light... a local mixed media artist. I have talked to her on-line, but this was my first opportunity to meet her in person.
I also sat and talked with Trish Rogers, another local and fabulous mixed media artist, along with Annie Hooten (local polymer clay artist), Teresa Jones (local lampwork glass artist), and Hands of Man tile artist, Elizabeth Loring.
I had an intersting time deciding what to enter in this show. In the end, I decided on photos from my series on the Factory on 5th. The show is being held at the Factory, and it is a really cool building. I have been taking photos of it since getting a studio there in January.... and am always in awe of the interesting bits in the architecture.
For this show, I selected 9 of my favorite shots and took them to Kiko at Masks Y Mas -- who did a fabulous job printing and stretching the canvas for me. I then painted the sides of the canvas black to accentuate the photos, and embellished the pieces with shards of glass from the parking lot of the Factory on 5th. Years ago, the Factory was the site of a glass making plant, and I thought it was fitting to include the shards in the art pieces.
The photo for today's blog is an assemblage of the photos I presented in the 9x9 show.