Monday, September 28, 2009

part 3: NM State Fair

photos by Elaine A. Russell

So -- when we last left off... Jim and Elaine were foraging the NM State Fair for sweets and treats :)
And now, ladies and gentlemen... I bring you to the highlight of the fair for most people... the rides and games.
The hubby and I are not ones to usually ride the rides... or play the games... but we do look at everything. And I have had a long fascination with the carousel, so we actually spent alot of time at the 2 different carousels at the State Fair. Plus.. there were lots of shows: Winn's Thrill Show, The Marcan Tiger Preserve, Valentine's Performing Pigs, The Dock Dogs, and The Latest in Game Technology shows. And music ! (too many performers to list).

We strolled around the midway for a couple of hours... taking way too many pictures of rides in action. I was amazed to see some features/ spectacles ... of shows I remember when I was a kid. Such as: the World's smallest Horse, the tiniest woman... etc. The posters for these events seemed straight out of Guinness Book.
Then there were the usual roller coaster type rides, twisting type rides, the epic fall type rides.... you name it. And the Ferris wheel.... the old-time favorite. I love taking photos of Ferris wheels.. so we spent some time there too.

I talked at length to a couple of the "carnies".... both of whom were looking forward to the end of the fair season to go home to their families before the next fair tour in another town. When I was little.. I remember that one of my cousins actually ran away and joined the circus. He spent a couple years cleaning and taking care of the elephants... then we lost track of him. At any rate... I always had a soft spot for the workers at such carnivals.

Anyway.. so there you have it. A magical time at the NM State Fair. Hope you all had a good time... I know I did :)