Friday, September 18, 2009


photo by Elaine A. Russell

in the whole "weird" category.....

the day before yesterday, I came home to water all over my kitchen floor, my son walking about with a garbage bag.. and my hubby shaking his head.

Apparently... a ground squirrel (probably the same little bastard that ate my garden this year) came in through the window. He ran around the kitchen, and ducked behind the refridgerator just as our 3 dogs came screaming in after him. Presumably, with nothing better to do... he decided to chew his way through the tubings that go from our water treatment system to the ice machine in the freezer... causing the puddle.
My son...ever the valiant warrior... decided he could catch the squirrel with a garbage bag and a stick. Upon poking the wee beastie.... the squirrel decided he had had enough fun for the day and ran through the kitchen and out another window.
My dogs are ashamed of themselves. You can see it in the man-dog's eyes. It's as if he was saying " I almost had him... he was right there ... "
The man-dog keeps going out to the patio and looking in the trees for another chance...sighing heavily.

So. Yesterday, after my hubby had found the appropriate shut off valves for the water to stop the puddling....we got a repairman in. And... a whopping $288 dollars later... it is fixed. New filters to the system, new tubing, yearly system maintenance. Yikes.

Lesson in all of this ? Not sure. But I am thinking that next time I see the squirrels, I will be less inclined to think they are so cute.