Friday, October 23, 2009

aint no mountain

*photo by Elaine A. Russell

...that song is running though my head as I edit this photo from yesterday. Love the song. So glad the hubby is home.... hate it when he is gone. After almost 20yrs of marriage... we still don't like to be apart.

Have alot going on this weeked-- places to go, people to see.... stuff to make :)

I have been working on my garage/studio a little. It has been in total chaos since the remodel began (actually-- it was in chaos long before that... but).

Sold a couple of items on Etsy, and just found out that one of my photos is being published in the NM Free Press; a newspaper out of Santa Fe (

The remodel project has run into a slight glitch with the installation of the bathtub... apparently the wrong size panels were cut... so it'll be a few more days before they come in. And ... we are waiting new cupboards to come in before the demo starts on the kitchen. So-- a little bit of limbo for a week or so.

I know. Not an interesting blog post. Sometimes life is just like that...kind of a "hurry up and wait." Here's a song while we hang out .....