Sunday, October 11, 2009

at the gardens

photos by Elaine A. Russell

So -- yesterday, the hubby and I decided to take a stroll at the Rio Grande Botanical Gardens ( We haven't been to it in years, and it seemed like a "weekend" thing to do. Seeing as I overslept, we ended up going mid-afternoon... and only had a couple of hours at the park. I had intended to see the aquariums, but we ended up spending our alotted time exclusively in the gardens.

There is alot more garden area than I remember, and alot of it seems relatively new. It is fabulous. We strolled through the Children's Fantasy gardens (led by 2 very enthusiastic young boys), through the Sasebo Japanese gardens, the Mediteranean gardens, the rose gardens (my mother-in-law would've loved this), the Heritage Farm and gardens (my parent's would've loved this), and the cactus gardens of the southwest.

Having just a simple Kodak camera now... I was a little worried about getting the kind of shots I would like. However, my little "koda" surprised me. Of course, it won't take the macro shots that I would like.. but it is turning out to be a really nice little camera. As I get them re-sized into more accessable pics, I will load them onto my FlickR link to the side --->

We stayed until closing (5pm) ... then we went for supper at El Patio. The hubby and I have eaten lunch there many times... and it is a nice dependable place to get quality New Mexican faire. I had the huervos, and he had the chicken burrito plate. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.