Thursday, October 22, 2009

mostly bright skies

So-- today I woke up to mostly bright blue skies. There are still some clouds, but it looks like the storm that has been here for the last few days is clearing out.
I had another doctor's appointment today. Mostly good news. Somehow I have gone from severely qualifying for medical disability to being (mostly) the picture of health... in the past 15yrs. It is really quite amazing. The downside in all this, is that I had finally worked up the courage to apply for disability... and now I probably wouldn't qualify. Course, the good news, is that I am much healthier. So--- extra money each month.... or better health. Easy choice.
Now, apparently I am quite deficient in Vit D, Vit B12, and Iron... so I need to take supplements. And, my cholesterol is a bit higher than it should be, so we are gonna try a new medication. Plus, I will do my best to improve my diet a bit :)

As a treat, I drove up closer to the Sandias for some photo taking. My camera has a panoramic function.... but I am having trouble seeing the screen in bright light in order to "stitch" the photos together as I take them. Will have to try again some other time... but in the meantime... here is the one that turned out OK.

**all photos by Elaine A. Russell (click on photo to see the panographic larger)