Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Kind of an odd day today. One minute it is cloudy and overcast, the next minute the sun is trying to come out. Last night we actually had some snow flurries in and around ABQ. I know this, not just because of the weather report.. but because I had planted fresh mint into pots on my patio.. and had to go and cover them up. (kinda like washing your car, only to have it rain)

I feel like I have been driving alot as of lately. To and from doctor's appointments, to and from CNM, driving around ABQ. Over the weekend, I was with some friends and we drove down to the gallery in Tome( I have never been to Tome... and would like to go again sometime. I took some random shots out of the back seat windows as we drove down the highways and back roads. It was cool. (

The first shot I did in a style not unlike when I used to do Infrared B&W shots and hand color them. At one time, I was one of only a hand-full of artists doing this style... and I still really enjoy the look. So--- a little "driving tour" photographically today.... enjoy :)

**all photos by Elaine A. Russell