Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freecycle, framing, and Flying Star

photos by Elaine A. Russell

One of the blessings of having remodel work done, is that it is sort of an adventure.
Right now, we have one working sink (kitchen) .. one working shower (hall bathroom)... and lots of plasterboard dust all around (framing walls). With 4 people in the house... it's going to be a testament of patience.
And right now.... we are doing well.
Another benefit is that I am slowly going thru things again. Because the workers are putting in a different doorway to the garage, we had to move all my craft/ jewelry making stuff and tables, as well as a heavy duty work bench and alot of tools. Today I hope to go thru alot of it and potentially get rid of some stuff.
Yesterday I was able to give away some buildings supplies ( lumber, cinder block , etc )...gotta love Freecycle ( I have been a member for several yrs, the last 2 of which I have donated an item or more for every day of the year. I think it's an awesome program, and seems to help alot of people who are both looking to get rid of/ or get ... good used stuff.
A final benefit, is that we are getting to sample some of the great food places ABQ has to offer. The hubby and I have always enjoyed eating out and exploring ... so this is a real treat. The other day we went to Flying Star up on Coors and Alameda (, and last night we went to Nothing but Noodles ( Great food.

*Pictures are from that Flying Star location.