Friday, October 2, 2009

Nob Hill Nights

Masks Y Mas

Nob Hill Grill

fire guys

drummer dudes

photos by Elaine A. Russell

so-- last night was pretty cool. The hubby, daughter and I went to the first-ever "Nob Hill Nights." This is a new idea proposed by the merchants of the Nob Hill area in ABQ. Essentially, they close off a bunch of the streets in Nob Hill, and only allow pedestrian traffic in the evening on the first thursday of each month. Shops and restaurants are open late to allow browsing... there are street musicians and special events.

We left the house around 6pm, and ended up staying past closing of the events which was around 9pm. First stop for us was Masks Y Mas. This is a fantastic locally owned store (actually... several store spaces in one). The owners have one section of the store as a gallery space, and tonight they were featuring 2 young local artists: Rain Green and Noah Valencia.

From there we stopped in at Astro Zombies. This is a very cool shop that features a wide selection of comics, graphic novels and figurines, etc, etc. Awesome selection!

Then we went to the Nob Hill Grill. We got sucked in by the free green chile stew samplings... and ended up having a great meal. Our server; Maureen... was gracious and accommodating. The food was great, and affordable. ($45 for 3 entrees, drinks and an appetizer)

We got done just in time to see the fire jugglers... doing awesome feats of fancy with fire. And we got our groove on to this awesome drumming group. ... and we also got to see a demonstration by the Tango Club of ABQ.

All in all... a pretty fabulous night out.