Sunday, October 18, 2009

bumbles bounce

photos by Elaine A. Russell

Some days are just strange. I have been feeling overwhelmingly tired as of late... not sure if it is the lupus; or just the daily grind....but I have been in sort of a fog the past couple of days.

I had posted a camera lens on Craigslist for sale, it was given to me, and never fit my camera (and the camera is now gone). I had a buyer-want-to-be, and we scheduled a time to meet at the Sunflower Market. I love Sunflower... but I digress. 45 minutes later, my hubby decided to wander the parking lot, and found the people equally looking for us. Go figure. The lens did not fit; but I think there are adjustment rings that you can purchase for connecting lenses like that. SO.... I ended up giving them the lens in hopes that they could "make it work."
In the process, I managed to slip on this puddle of grease that was on the sidewalk where I think the store had been grilling food. It was a classic FLIP fall-- just like the 3 Stooges. It was embarrassing... but like any good bumble... I bounced. ((

Then there was the seemingl long time where I desperately kept trying to get up; only to continue to slide in the grease... legs slipping, feet sliding, sandals coming off repeatedly....
And then (once up)-- here are the hubby and I using handy wipes to try and get grease off of me and my skirt (right butt cheek was plastered with grease)... I'm sure it would have made an interesting video. Guess you had to be there... but it was definately amusing after a minute or so.

And like a dear hubby... he took me out to Flying Star anyway... and got me a treat :)

From there we had to go find him a suitcase for an upcoming trip, and we found one at J.C. Penney's on clearance for $43!! Woot !!!
Then we went to see "Where the Wild Things Are." -- I always loved the book... and remember reading it alot to my nieces when they were little.

So-- photo 1 is of the truck outside of Sunflower Market, photo 2 is at Flying Star, and photo 3 is of the poster outside the theatres at Cottonwood Mall.