Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ABC Wednesday

photos by Elaine A. Russell

ABC Wednesday is a blog posting with a twist. The host (Mrs. Nesbitt) hails from Great Britain... and there are participants from all over the world. Each week, people focus their post on a letter of the alphabet. They started with the letter "A" --and each week you post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. It is a fun, imaginative exercise... and it is great to see what everyone comes up with.
This week's letter is, "P".

I have chosen the word: plenitude-- fullness, completeness, abundance, sufficiency

I am not short on feelings of abundance, sufficiency.. and yes, gratitude this week...

*for good friends and family*
*for my lovely Sabrina*
*for shelter, food, and the essentials of life*
*for good health*
*for the ability to express myself with art*
*warm soup on chilli days*
*fall leaves in the sunshine*