Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday is a blog posting with a twist. The host (Mrs. Nesbitt) hails from Great Britain... and there are participants from all over the world. Each week, people focus their post on a letter of the alphabet. They started with the letter "A" --and each week you post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. It is a fun, imaginative exercise... and it is great to see what everyone comes up with. This week's letter is, "S".
"S" is a pretty easy letter to try and come up with a post for... and therein lay my dilemma. Too many fabulous and creative choices. I thought about doing something with "shadows".. or I could do something about my love of stones, or stitching (needlework), or the saxophone.....

And yet, I wanted to do something a bit different, a bit unexpected....and I saw this grouping of words.....

selenic: of, like or pertaining to the moon
selenocentric: relating to the moon as a centre; as seen from the centre of the moon
selenodesy: study of the shape and features of the moon
selenography: description of the moon's surface
selenolatry: worship of the moon
selenology: study of the moon
selenomancy: divination by studying the moon
selenoscope: instrument for viewing the moon

Which would make for a fabulous post... except that I really don't have any good pictures of the moon to go with it....other than this shot I took with the hazy moon peaking through some dark clouds as the sun was setting in the Sandias....

And so............. I will sigh... and leave you with a symphonic rendering of a song... by the stunningly sweet Muppets....or maybe that's just too silly :)