Monday, November 23, 2009

gothic visions

feeling a bit goth today.. .. probably from the onslaught of promos for "New Moon" and anything vampire..... But it's ok... I really do love the look. Years ago... long before it was cool... I was a huge collector of anything Victorian and Gothic. Lots of lace, lots of candles, old dark wood furniture... but alas, married and changed everything to be more comfortable for the tastes of a family lifestyle. Not complaining.... everything comes back around in it's own sweet time. I actually like a variety of styles... so.. my house is a happy mix most of the time.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Cynthia Cook at an artist's salon at the Mariposa Gallery. She is charming, intelligent, funny.. and irreverent... just the way I like my artists :)
Her artwork is simply stunning. It is something you would perhaps chance to see at the home of a scientist/ collector/ eccentric in the Victorian times. Tucked away in an old castle-like fortress, hanging on the walls along with those stark portraits of goblets by the fireplace, weird violin music in the offing...I don't know.. maybe that is just my take on it.... but I love her work. It evokes a mood.... a reverence... a look into a world that is just a little more fragile, a little more delicate... a little bit more awe-inspiring than most of us tend to see. Or perhaps.. it is the way the world really is... we just don't see it through our bill-laden, foggy from work ...need another espresso just to function --mentality.
Either way.... it was fabulous.

To see more of Cynthia's work:

*photos by Elaine A. Russell

---and on a completely different note... here is a cool video called "Pipe Dreams."
This video is featured on: -- as it was mailed around as some kind of "urban legend."
All I know is that it's pretty damn cool.