Friday, November 27, 2009

glorious black friday

"Archie" ... Laura's awesome puppy. Photos by Elaine A. Russell

Sooooooooooooooo much goodness today. Today, a friend and I went up to Santa Fe to go to
Laura E. Stanziola's place. Laura is a collector extraordinaire, who happens to have made a business selling all the cool things she finds. Just about anything you could possibly be looking for; she has... and it's all catalogued. ... and organized.

Bones, beads, bobbles, bits, bullets, board games, baby dolls, books, balls, blankets, bottles... and that's just the B's. ........Fabulous!

As a bonus... the trip up, and the trip back was stunning... the light, the weather, the scenery...just awesome. Then we stopped at a cool little market for home-made tamales and beef jerky.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully have more pics from her place... but for now....."Archie" says hello :)