Monday, November 2, 2009

late night thoughts

photo by Elaine A. Russell

Today was a weird day. Seemed like everything I was intending to do; got shuffled off to the wayside... and things I didn't intend on doing at all... came more to the forefront of the day's activities. As such... it is late, and I am just now posting.
Dinner was brie cheese and pepperoni on seeded rye toast, gently stir fried fall veggies, and a glass of white wine. Dessert was fresh fruit, and a hot, spiced chai. Fall is definately here for good.
I kept thinking today about my core beliefs, what is really essential to me. very important loved ones are. So tonight... even though the hubby is way far away... we played a game of scrabble on-line, and IM'd each other notes. Ah.. the internet. And.. I got the son and his girlfriend to play a game of scrabble together (she had never played). They seemed to be having fun... and another generation of scrabble lovers is born :)

And... did you see that moon out there ?! ---> full and lovely, and becoming, and beauteous ... and so delicious up there in the night sky....