Friday, November 13, 2009

mirror mirror

photo taken at "Little Anita's" restaurant in Old Towne on Sunday, by Elaine A. Russell

The hubby and I had planned on going to an event at the Launchpad tonight.. but it turns out it will cost us $26 to get in. I also mistakenly thought it was an art show... turns out it is a fashion extravaganza with live music. Cool... but not what I was thinking of doing. At least not tonight.

Tomorrow I am planning on a "road trip" up to Santa Fe for the Recycle Show.. and Sunday I have a photo shoot... yes... with my little point and shoot. Amazing huh. Hopefully, the photos will turn out... I will certainly be trying my best.

I am trying to keep busy. I have always been prone to episodes of depression... and it usually exacerbates around my birthday (spring) and at Christmas. So-- I try to keep busy doing things... even though in reality, I prefer the comfort of my bed.

Depression is an odd thing. It's not like you plan on it... it just sneaks up on you in the middle of the night and takes control in little ways at first...odd little things... sleeping a little later.. staying in more...lack of enthusiasm over projects.... then it overwhelms until it has consumed almost everything and every waking moment. I am trying to counteract it... and head it off at the pass before it latches on. Like an old western.. I am riding on ahead on my horse to that cliffed area... waiting in the shadows to stave off my evil foe. My horse is nervous.. and so am I.. but we are trying. I am a good shot though... and my chances are good. Maybe if I get there in time.. and the wind is in my favor... I will come out shining. Have a drink at the local saloon.. and go dancing.