Friday, November 6, 2009

Nob Hill Nights - November

Last night was November's rendition of Nob Hill Nights.
The first one ever was last month, so last night's was the 2nd in what looks to be a promising venue.

Lots of music... lots of dancing.. yoga demonstrations....Capoeira demonstrations... free food from the likes of Nob Hill Grill and Flying Star (yum)....and the fire dudes were back!(Ignite Poi: Fire Spinning for Parties and Events)
Took lots of photos.. which unfortunately need editing due to low light and street light.
So.. for now.. I will post a jumbled photo collage of the night's pics ....
(click on collage pic to see it bigger)

Tonight is First Friday Art's Crawl events... so I need to get ready to make the rounds of some local galleries.... :)