Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recycle Show -- Part 1

So-- I am going to try to show you some of the deliciousness that was the Annual Santa Fe Recycle Show, which was last weekend.

When I started making art from recycled materials about 15yrs ago... I thought I was a freak of nature. And frankly, so did a lot of my friends (artsy ones included). I persevered anyway... cuz that's the way I am. I made birdhouses, bird feeders, carved walking sticks with embellishments, collaged objects and pieces on wood, mixed media pieces, jewelry from found objects and re-purposed items, and recycled paper envelopes. But I still figured I was out of the loop in the art world.... until I went to this show.

Walking into this show was like finding OZ....... No need to click my heels... I was home.

This lady made fashion bags, totes and wallets from recycled plastic bags, vinyl pieces and more.

Lane Patterson's lamps... made from recycled parts, tin cans, metal pieces.....

Bates Wilson.... art from recycled car and motorcycle parts, signs.. etc

paper mache and paper art... not sure who made them... but I love them....

These night lights and incandescent lights are made from pieces of slag glass. They were brought by a husband-wife team.. and the wife also made jewelry from wire-wrapping broken glass shards into lovely necklaces and earrings.

just a snippet of the stash from Laura E. Stanziola....a wonderful artist's resource for all kinds of recycled materials....

More tomorrow !!
and see even more at
**all photos by Elaine A. Russell