Saturday, November 21, 2009

Recycle Show: Part 3

The journey home to ABQ from Santa Fe was a joy. The Railrunner is a wonderful experience ...comfy, fun, and with stunning scenery. I have always loved trains. As a kid, the C & PA railroad went thru my hometown... the tracks ran right near my house ... so I got to see it everyday. In fact, my husband's grandfather was a conductor...waving to us kids at lunchtime as the train rolled through...

So-- the photos for today's post hopefully bespeak of the coolness and grandeur that is the Railrunner Station here in ABQ.

"The station reflects the architecture of the Transportation Center’s main building, which itself is reminiscent of the last big heyday of rail travel in Albuquerque. In the early 1900’s, the Alvarado Hotel, a showpiece in its day, stood right where the Transportation Center stands today. The Alvarado served as the hub of the main mode of transportation in the era – the passenger train. Today, the Alvarado Transportation Center is at the crossroads of some dramatic downtown redevelopment, ushering in a new system of passenger rail service." (

coming back into ABQ

part of the old Alvarado Station section

the front facade

... and one of the archways.... looking towards a NM sunset....
* all photos by Elaine A. Russell