Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sabrina Soto Sunday

so-- I am always sorta on the look-out for affordable fun things to do around ABQ. While surfing Facebook, I came across a notice for free tickets to ride the ABQ Trolley here in ABQ ( for a fun tour.... which happened this past Sunday. The bonus??

HGTV is building it's fabulous DREAM HOME here in Sandia Park this year. This past Sunday, Sabrina Soto ( host of HGTV's "Get it Sold" and many other shows ) was going to be riding the ABQ Trolley... and doing some promo type TV spots. ABQ Trolley was generously offering free tickets on the same tour to some lucky locals... and the hubby and I got to be on board.

The ABQ Trolley was a venture started only 6 months ago by owners Jesse and Mike. They were both gracious and knowledgeable about all things ABQ, and it was an awesome 66 minute tour. If you haven't gone.. I encourage you to take the ride.

From the tour bus we got to see Old Towne, Museum Row, Downtown, EDO, Nob Hill, the Bart Prince House, UNM... and the Lobo sculpture, the Sports Stadiums, the Railyards, Barelas ( the tour was cut short due to the lateness of the night, otherwise we would have also seen The Rio Grande Zoo and BioPark, and Tingley Beach ).

(all photos except for the first one of Ms. Soto, and the last one of the ABQ Trolley logo are
by Elaine A. Russell)

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