Sunday, December 13, 2009

FlickR meet

photos by Elaine A. Russell

Lots going on these past few days. ... Today there was a FlickR photo meet at the Railyards. I have only been to the ABQ railyards once previously, and it was awesome. Today, the group had reserved this historical site for the entire day; so there was more time to leisurely stroll around.

Needless to say, I took a ton of photos. I took most all of them on my little Kodak... but then one of the other photographers graciously loaned me his Nikon D300 to try out. This is my "if I had enough money" dream camera ... and it was awesome to be able to play with it.

Most of the photographers had also arranged and hired models who came for specific shoots... this was not something I normally would photograph. I have done weddings, portraits and such before...but it's just not my thing. That said... I did take a bunch today because I had the opportunity to play around with some very cool equipment which included flashes and lights and such. So -- now I have photos of bikers, babes and more...Not sure what I will do with those...but it was alot of fun.
And now I am off to bed... what a great day....