Sunday, December 13, 2009


**all photos by Elaine A. Russell

Those of you who know me really well; know that I run, run, run and then am down, down, down. Mostly, due to the Lupus. Well; I have been busy for several days now... coupled with still getting over the flu... and yesterday I was on a photo excursion for about 8hrs.. standing or walking in the cold...
Today I am down. Floored. Exhausted. .... but very happy.

I love being able to do my art on a regular basis. And being able to do photography ALL DAY was fabulous. I do try to take time to photograph every single day... but rarely, is it an all-day event. I also had the wonderful opportunity to try first-hand some of the coolest equipment that Nikon has to offer.

This late-afternoon/ early evening... the hubby and I are doing our weekly "date" of going to get a salad or soup or something lite for supper... and then going to Barnes and Noble for a Scrabble game and coffee. It is a wonderful ritual... and it makes me happy.

*photos are from yesterday's FlickR photo meet at the ABQ Railyards