Wednesday, December 16, 2009

an interesting view by Elaine A. Russell

everything often boils down to a matter of perspective... how we; as individuals, actually see things. how we perceive things to have transpired.... how our past experiences alter things and how we remember them on a daily basis.

photographing the railyards on Saturday was an awesome experience. What some people would see as urban decay in it's most unpleasant forms.... most of us there viewed with awe and wonder. The beauty of the architecture. The sun streaming through the windows... the light shadows on the wood brick floors....the graffiti ( which I personally LOVED)... the puddles and feathers and signs of time passing.. .weather beating down... people wandering through in the middle of the night....

So much of life is like that. You hear: "... don't move there.. the neighborhood is bad".... or ..." it's nothing but a slum in that section...don't go there..." Some of the best places I have lived have been in areas where people warned us not to go. Traveling is like that as well... people will recommend certain sites to visit... not realizing how much they are missing by not exploring and discovering neat little places on your own.

Sometimes it's a matter of clearing your mind of all previous expectations and perceptions to really really see what's in front of you... what's down that winding dirt road... what's off the beaten path. ...but it's worth it.