Sunday, December 27, 2009

it is sunday... right?

photo by Elaine A. Russell

it's been an odd day. One of those days that kind of blends in with the others and leaves you wondering what day is it really??? So much (last minute) prep for the holidays.. and now it's mostly over. Time to rest. Time to enjoy the winter. Time to have fires in the fireplace and warm tea whilst watching movies. Time to snuggle with a happy puppy.

Today we ordered pizza. Yes, really. The leftovers are mostly gone.. and tomorrow I will be roasting a nice winter ham. So-- pizza sounded good.... it's green chile and chicken; in case you are wondering :)

We didn't mail holiday cards this year (* or last year, or the year before...) somehow we got out of the habit. I am thinking that maybe I will start a new tradition.... the Epiphany card....just in time for the Magi to visit... ( and to celebrate what "epiphany experiences" (Epiphany (feeling), the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something) ....we have had over the course of the past year. .... plus, it gives me until January 6th to mail the buggers ---always a *bonus*

I have enjoyed getting notes from you all...some have offered some great suggestions for my blogsite...and lots of you have inquired about me starting a website... which I hope to do in the year 2010.
And I reminder for those who haven't yet... just send me an email before Jan 9th at 9am... and you will be entered in a fabulous give-away ---> (

In the meantime... sit back, relax, put on some great music or a wonderful old movie... and enjoy the evening.....