Friday, December 11, 2009

last night at the Harwood

This is a self portrait done by Cynthia when she was attending UNM

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a class at the Harwood Art Center by Cynthia Cook.
I have posted on Cynthia before ( and (
And, I have met her in person... at her show reception at Mariposa Gallery earlier this month, and at the Recycle Santa Fe Show (
But, that pales in comparison to actually being able to take one of her classes.
Ms. Cook is sort of an inigma. If you search for information on-line about her; she is essentially non-existant. Yet, she is an icon in the mixed media world.... and greatly sought after for classes and such.

So... about her class. This was a basic introduction to the wonderful world of collage/decoupage/ assemblage... mixed media. With a background that includes jewelry arts and metal-working.. I was hooked. Never mind that her talk focused on glues, tools, techniques.. and the chance to actually MAKE something .. coolness!

Anyway--- here are some photos from the class.

Thank you!!! to the folks at Harwood for providing such an awesome event.

a portion of one of her recent works showing at the Mariposa Gallery

an example of another one of her art pieces

giving a demonstration

working on a project during the class

**all photographs but the self portrait photo at the top, are by Elaine A. Russell