Thursday, December 3, 2009

neat to eat ... part ONE

Because I will no doubt be busy with Nob Hill Nights, First Friday events.. and making the rounds of some cool places.... I have decided that today's and tomorrow's entries will be on a theme.
We started working in earnest on our house back towards the end of September.
And... the hubby and I LOVE to eat out... so we took this as an opportunity to visit some local places.
This post (and tomorrow's) will feature some of the places we have visited over the course of the past few months, and some of the great food that ABQ has to offer.
When possible, I have tried to include links to the places.

♥♥♥I hope you enjoy this ♥♥♥

Satellite Cafe on Central Ave
(I love the Cafe con Leche and 9 grain toast with hummus)

Kai's Chinese Restaurant
(I had the Jasmine tea and the Thai chicken with fresh veggies on rice)

El Patio
(it's all about the huervos and coffee)

BlackBird Buvette
(my fav is a glass of white wine, and a plate of Bruschetta)

Lindy's Diner
(like it all... you can't go wrong--I love diners)

Johhny Rockets @ CottonWood Mall
(Cold coke and chili fries with everything... )

**all photos by Elaine A. Russell