Friday, December 4, 2009

neat to eat ...part TWO

.. and in our continuing story are some more places the hubby and I have gotten to eat at in the last few months....

Chili's on Ouray

(I had the fajita trio and a margarita...awesome)

Sadie's on 4th Street

(Wow. Had the stuffed sopas. Tons of great food.. and such a cool place!)

Flying Star -- both the one on Central, and the one in Corrales

(Always good food. Favs are: Earl Grey tea, the Southwest Bennie, and the bread pudding)

Chow's ... in the Cottonwood Mall

(love the coffee chicken and the Santa Fe Wonton soup!)

Blue Cactus Grill on Coors

(I had the tequila-lime chicken, fall veggies, and these great sweet potatoes--yum)

Little Anita's in Old Towne
(It was cold, and all the food was great! I had one of the platters with beans and rice)

**all photos by Elaine A. Russell