Saturday, December 26, 2009

time, time, time...........

photo by Elaine A. Russell

Where has the time gone? Exactly one year ago today, I started this blog. I have posted every single day since. Wow. 365 posts. And pics on every one!!!

When I first started this blog, my goal was to get some of my photography out there in cyber space so that people could see it... and hopefully enjoy it.
The response has been fabulous. Beyond my expectations for this humble little site. At one point; I was getting over 800 hits a day....I have since stopped looking. I figured I would either get discouraged by the drop-off, or anxious as to how to keep hits up.

It has been a very interesting year. One full of enlightenment, fulfillment, joys and wonders.
I hope that you will stay with me over the course of this next year... who knows what will happen?
OR where this journey will take us.

In celebration of my blog anniversary... I am going to be giving away 9 gifts to 9 lucky winners. ( in honor of this year 2009). All you have to do... to be entered in the "running"... is to send me a note at
Let me know what you like/ don't like about my blog... things I could do to make it better, etc
Oh! and let me know if you have a preference on any particular gift you may get :)
Prizes may include: a handmade scarf, an OOAK art piece, a fine art photograph, a handmade piece of jewelry, a stash of supplies for crafts.... who knows....

(winners will be notified on January 9th. Submissions for the give-aways...must be in by January 9th at 9am).