Saturday, December 19, 2009


photo by Elaine A. Russell

well. The biggest part of the remodel is done. This weekend I am re-stocking stuff back to where they were... cleaning, sorting, organizing, and giving stuff away. The hubby and I have spent the last couple of years downsizing and re-organizing our lifestyle.. and it's not stopping now. Our house is about 1350 square feet. And, in reality... when the kids move out... it will be way to big for just us. In anticipation of that... we have been getting rid of extraneous stuff. The kids are saving some of it for their future homes.... and that is cool.
As an example, all of our Christmas holiday decorations (ornaments and everything) all fit into one rubbermaid container... and this year we decided to get rid of about half of that. We just don't need it. Now.. books are a whole 'nuther country... we have tons. And craft stuff (eeks).... and apparently ( whilst unloading boxes from the kitchen) .. dishes. So. I am filling a HUGE box with household stuff to list on Craigslist. I am also filling another HUGE box with re-model stuff.... piping, caulk, screws, plaster mix, whatever... to give away.
I have always been an avid recycle type person. We have recycle bins for plastics, glass, metals, and papers... which we take to the centers weekly. When we approached doing this remodel... we wondered if we could potentially recycle everything. The contractors probably thought we were nuts. BUT... we have managed to recycle about 90% of it. The cupboards, mirrors, lighting, doors, etc.. went to a guy who takes things to Mexico for rehabbing homes. All the cardboard and packing stuff was recyclable. Same with the wood and glass. In fact, the only things so far that we haven't been able to recycle was some plaster and some grout that was leftover... but already mixed up. It's pretty amazing. So... we have one more pile of stuff to go through for recycling... and then everything will be hauled off on Monday.
It's been a huge learning experience... and very rewarding. Recycle, re-use, re-purpose...awesome...

♥♥♥...time for a song from one of my most FAV singers .... ♥♥♥