Sunday, January 10, 2010


Somehow this weekend really got away from me. I love the photo above... because it reminds me to slooooooow dooooown my everyday activities... and to really appreciate what is happening in the NOW. I took this photo last week while running errands.. and I need to go back sometime and take a more leisurely shot.
The one of the snowman --- I took while driving down I-25 south ... heading home. It is a huge mass of tumbleweeds, fashioned into a snowman; facing the highway. It is fabulous.

And this one I took just a few minutes ago.... of my beloved Sabrina... waiting ever so patiently *not* for me to get off the computer... and take her for a walk. (which I will do )

Sometimes life feels like a series of snapshots. Here one minute.. gone the next. And it is..... and yet... if we try hard enough... we can learn to appreciate those moments in time. Maybe stretch them out a little.... savor them like a fine wine.
My honey is still sick. I am going to make a fire in the fireplace, heat up some wonderful pot roast leftovers, and put on a movie. Maybe I will make hot toddies....wrap him up in a warm blanket and forget about the world for a bit....

Living Simply tip for the day: If you can afford to; and have the ability to... adopt a pet. I realize that alot of living situations are not conducive to having a pet.. and not all people are able to have a pet (allergies, economics, etc)... but if you can....
Studies have shown that owning a pet can provide significant health benefits.
Pets can decrease your: Blood pressure, Cholesterol levels, Triglyceride levels, Feelings of loneliness, stress levels, and more.
Pets can increase your: opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities, as well as for socialization.

I know on a personal level, how very much having Sabrina in my life has increased my overall health.. and I would wish that on everyone....