Monday, January 11, 2010


*photos by Elaine A. Russell

It's definitely a Monday. Too much to do this week... and not enough time or (at least at the moment ) ... the energy to do it.
And so... I ran around trying to catch up on things that refused to co-operate. I spent way too much time trying to wrap up some things to get in the mail. I did way too much laundry. I spent way too much time trying to get a hold of a company via the phone.... and was unsuccessful at that. I did get a photo done for my daily photo project... but frankly, wasn't that happy with it. However, I was quickly running out of time...

I need a road trip. I need an excuse to get in the car and go in no particular direction to an unknown destination. I need the wind in my face...a bag of pita chips... some Starbucks coffee...and a happy puppy at my side. Also some good music. Not just some random radio station where I end up with a thousand bad songs in a row....

I am plotting... ....but in the meantime... here are some photos from my trip cross country last summer. These 3 photos were taken somewhere in I was going in and out of this cool thunderstorm. The clouds were impressive....the wind was incredible... and the rain was imminent.

Living Simply tip for the day: when you can... travel. Even if it's just down the road a few miles.

"The health benefits of travel are as extensive as the world itself. A vacation can give you a much-needed break from the stresses of your life and rejuvenate your spirit. Plus, it will save valuable money in the long run by preventing doctor bills, sick days and the buildup of stress that can hijack your life."
"Taking a break from the daily routine relieves stress simply by providing a change of scenery. The excitement of getting ready for a trip can be a euphoric experience and the anticipation will take your mind off daily petty problems that often seem larger than life. Getting away from your daily experience helps to put your life in crystal clear terms and allows you to redefine what you find important." --- these are from the AMA